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Crafting beauty, one lash at a time.

Asheville Lash Company

Where artistry meets elegance, and every blink tells a story. Discover the secret to captivating beauty with Asheville Lash Company, your haven for luxurious lash extensions.


Our Craft,

Our lash artists are masters of precision. Explore the world of lash artistry where every lash placement, direction, and fan is a masterpiece. From subtle allure to stunning drama, we create your signature look while safeguarding your natural lashes.


At Asheville Lash Company, we specialize in the art of enhancing your natural beauty. Our meticulous techniques and commitment to lash health set us apart. Explore our services to elevate your gaze and embrace the beauty within:

Ready to unveil the beauty within?

Book your appointment now and experience the warmth, professionalism, and luxury that set Asheville Lash Company apart.
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What our clients have to say... 

"This is such a great atmosphere for getting your lashes done. It feels really comfortable, luxurious, and inviting all at once. The women who have been there each time I come in are all so sweet and welcoming, and Sonia is an outstanding eyelash artist! I find it really surprising how fast she applies them and how gorgeous they look when she's done! I highly recommend her, but if she is booked up (as she usually is), there are several other lash artists who can help make you feel beautiful!"

- Jennifer Yates

Meet the visionary behind Asheville Lash Company, Sonja. With a beauty career spanning over 17 years, Sonja's journey in the beauty industry began in Charlotte, NC. Her passion for precision and aesthetics ignited her mission: to help individuals express their best selves through the art of lash extensions.

Lash Artistry, Tailored for You.

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