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About Us

Where Beauty Meets Artistry

At Asheville Lash Company, we proudly serve as a collective hub for independent lash artists. Our space is a vibrant community where skilled lash professionals each operate their own unique lash businesses. We understand the importance of individual expertise and artistry in the world of lash extensions. As a result, we've gathered a diverse group of talented artists, each with their own style, techniques, and specialties, all under one roof.


Founder and Lash Expert

Meet the visionary behind Asheville Lash Company, Sonja. With a beauty career spanning over 17 years, Sonja's journey in the beauty industry began in Charlotte, NC. Her passion for precision and aesthetics ignited her mission: to help individuals express their best selves through the art of lash extensions.

Sonja's unwavering commitment to excellence sets the standard at Asheville Lash Company. She is dedicated to staying at the forefront of the beauty industry, continuously updating her skills and knowledge through ongoing education. This commitment ensures that she remains at the cutting edge of the latest trends and techniques.

Bound by Lashes

Elizabeth started going to Sonja to get her lashes done for her wedding. After a few lash appointments, she became obsessed with lashes and wanted to learn more. Sonja opened the doors for Elizabeth and helped lead her in the direction to learn everything she needed to know in the lash industry. Sonja offered to rent an extra room she had available to Elizabeth in her first salon and the rest is history! It all started from one being the other’s lash client to then opening a beautiful salon together (moving 3 times before finding the perfect location)  and now they consider each other great friends and part of each other’s family.


Our Artists

Book with ANY of our amazing in-house artists by clicking on their pages below!

Our Promise

At Asheville Lash Company, we don't just offer lash extensions; we offer a personalized journey to self-expression and beauty. With meticulous attention to detail, a commitment to your lash health, and the artistry of our lash experts, we promise to leave you feeling like the true masterpiece that you are.

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