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Lash Care

Your guide to beautiful long-lasting lashes. 

First things first.

One of the joys of having eyelash extensions is admiring your lush, voluminous lash line in the mirror post-appointment.

But what's the key to maintaining those stunning lashes? It's all about embracing a dedicated aftercare routine!

Effective aftercare is a crucial element in preserving your lash extensions and ensuring the overall well-being of your natural lashes. In doing so, you're not only safeguarding your investment in beautiful lashes but also taking care of yourself!

How To Care for Your Lash Extensions

Keeping your lash extensions clean is essential to ensure their longevity and the health of your natural lashes. When makeup, oils, and debris accumulate along your lash line, they can break down the adhesive bond that attaches the extensions to your natural lashes. This can lead to poor retention, causing your extensions to shed faster than your natural lash-shedding cycle and creating gaps in your lash line. Additionally, inadequate cleaning can even result in blepharitis, which is eyelid inflammation. By following our aftercare guidelines, you'll ensure that your lashes receive the proper care they need to stay stunning and healthy.


Regularly washing your lashes, ideally daily or at least a few times a week, is essential. Use a lash-safe cleanser to remove dirt, oil, makeup residue, dead skin, and bacteria. This practice not only keeps your lashes clean but also helps prevent lash mites. Opt for oil-free cleansers, we recommend using gentle baby shampoo!



A few seconds each day can make a big difference. Use a small spoolie brush to gently comb through your lashes, preferably in the morning after your makeup routine. This simple step prevents extensions from tangling or clumping together. It's especially important for volume lashes, as their fans are more prone to tangling. Plus, it adds a gorgeous fluffiness to your lashes!


Avoid Oil

Many cosmetics today contain various oils in their ingredients, such as coconut oil, sunflower seed oil, almond oil, and sesame oil. While these oils are fine for natural lashes, they can jeopardize the bond between the adhesive and your natural lashes when wearing extensions. Over time, this weakens the lash glue, causing extensions to shed prematurely. So, steer clear of oil-based products to extend the life of your extensions.


Why Proper Eyelash Extension
Care Matters...

Taking care of your eyelash extensions may seem like a commitment, but it's essential for several important reasons:

Preserving Natural Lash Health: Neglecting proper hygiene with extensions can lead to an accumulation of excess oils and residue along the lash line. Over time, this could result in uncomfortable itchiness, redness, and even the loss of your natural lashes.

Lash Mites (Rare but Possible): While quite rare, eyelash mite infestations can occur with excessive neglect. Though infrequent, it's essential to maintain proper care.

Extend the Lifespan: You've invested in your extensions and their lifespan matters. Following proper aftercare tips can extend the beauty of your extensions for a comfortable 3 to 4 weeks before needing a refill.

Managing Costs: Neglecting aftercare may lead to more frequent refills or, in some cases, necessitate the purchase of entirely new full sets. By following proper lash care, you can save on unnecessary costs.


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