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What To Expect

You finally booked your first lash extension appointment. We’re SO excited for you! Wondering what to expect during the lash extension process and all about how to prepare for your first eyelash extensions? Totally normal! Allow us to break it down for you.


As soon as you enter our studio, you'll receive a warm welcome from your lash artist. Take a moment to get comfortable on our cozy couches and enjoy a beverage while your lash artist prepares and sanitizes your designated service area.

Lash Consultation Time

Next up, your dedicated lash artist will lead you to our relaxing service area. Here, you will engage in a one-on-one lash consultation, focusing on your specific needs. A brief discussion of your health history will be conducted to ensure the safety of the lash application. Following this, the moment arrives for tailoring your distinct lash style!

Let The Relaxation Begin

Just lean back and get comfy on our plush lash bed as your stylist starts working their magic. Your lash stylist will pamper your eye area, starting with a lash bath and prepping it for the lash service with some cool under-eye pads. Already feel yourself dozing off into a lash nap? Yep, we thought so!

Reveal Moment!

45 minutes to 3 hours later (depending on your chosen lash style), it's time for the grand lash reveal! Your stylist will delicately remove the refreshing under-eye pads and give your lashes one last comb-through. Then, the moment of truth in front of the mirror: behold your stunning new lashes!

Leave Feeling Good As New

Your brand-new lashes will have you feeling and looking top-notch. As you make your exit, you’ll feel ready to face the world with CONFIDENCE.


How to prepare for your appointment

Wondering how to prepare for eyelash extensions before heading to the salon? Here are some dos and don’ts on what to do before getting lash extensions (Don’t worry—they’re easy!).

Don't Wear Contact Lenses

Glasses day! We recommend taking your contact lenses out before your lash extension service since your eyes will be closed for a while and no one loves a dry eye! After your service, you can put your lenses back in and wear as normal.


Do Wear Comfy Clothes

Since you’ll be lying still, warm and comfy clothes will be your best friend—think yoga pants and oversized sweaters—perfect for your lash nap!


Don't Drink Coffee

Sorry, but you’ll have to skip your morning cup of joe prior to your appointment. Caffeine can make it difficult to keep still during your appointment—no one wants a fluttery eye during a lash service!


Do Bring Something To Relax

Your first full set can take anywhere from 2–3 hours. If you’re not one to doze off into a lash nap, we recommend bringing headphones to listen to your favorite music, podcast or audiobook while your stylist works their lash magic.


Don't Wear Makeup 

It’s important you arrive to your appointment with a clean face. This also means no lash curling beforehand. Be sure to remove all eye makeup and avoid applying creams or oils on and around your eye area. This lets your stylist quickly prep your lashes for your service.

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